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Understand what is a search engine, configure an index schema, make a search query and use search algorithms and traditional search features like facet and auto-complete.

Développement Durée :
2 jours - 14 heures
Lieu :
Paris (Asnières)


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Inter :
1 400€ HT / pers

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Development bases - Linux bases

Hardware/OS Requirements

Min 4Gb RAM
5 Go of disk space
admin account (can launch local services, open local ports)
Debian Jessie or Ubuntu 18.04 or Centos 7
Windows is not recommended use virtualbox as an alternative

Software Requirements

Java 11 (with JAVA_HOME configured)
a browser with internet access

Public concerné

Developers, Technical experts


Learn the basics of Enterprise Search and how to configure and use basics Solr features

Programme détaillé

Solr first steps

  • Introduction
    • Search Engines
    • Apache Solr
    • Solr architecture
  • Search APIs
    • Common query parameters
    • Query expression
    • JSON Request API
  • Installation and Configuration
    • Installation
    • Directory layout
    • Solr Control script
    • Administration APIs

Index and search

  • Schema
    • Concepts
    • Schema structure
    • Schema fields
    • Schema field types
    • Filters and linguistics management
    • Advanced attributes
  • Request Handler
  • Query Parser
    • Edismax
  • Additionnal Search Components
    • Highlight
    • Facet
    • Spellcheck
    • Suggester
  • Indexing data
    • Update API
    • Post Tool

Deploy and scale Solr

  • Legacy scaling and distribution
    • Replication
    • Sharding

Advanced index and search

Questions ?

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